About Duroplast

Duroplast is the pioneer and largest manufacturer of PVC Profiles for Door Frame, Door Shutter, False Ceiling, Partition, Kitchen Cabinet and Custom moulded Profiles since 1986. It has taken a step forward by diversifying into manufacturing of uPVC profiles for windows & doors for the first time in eastern India ....more

Top Quality Products

We are growing steadily and winning the hearts of potential customers with our unmatched & consistent quality. Top Quality Products including uPVC Doors & Windows, and a wide range of PVC Profiles whose beauty is only matched by its superior performance. We always ensure transcendence in everything they do with unwavering determination.....more


Why Duroplast

Because we believe quality should never be compromised
in any aspect of our products


Advantages of uPVC

Being a poor conductor of heat, uPVC window neither retains nor transfers heat indoors. Aluminium does both. The U-Value of UPVC is far less than Aluminium. Duroplast uPVC windows possess great energy saving potential. Window profiles have been designed with multi-chambers and double gasket sealing reduces transfer of heat .further windows and doors fitted with double insulated glass, make the window more energy efficient and saves energy by 30% - 35%.






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