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Why uPVC

  • energy efficient

    Energy Efficient

    Duroplast uPVC windows possess great energy saving potential. Window profiles have been designed with multi-chambers which reduce transfer of heat - thus saving energy by 30 – 35%.

  • fire retardant

    Fire Retardant

    uPVC raw material is inherently flame retardant and resists sustained burning. The material is classified as self-extinguishing so there is no chance of catching fire.

  • sound & thermal insulation

    Sound & Thermal Insulation

    Duroplast Windows are made up of multi-chambered profiles which are fusion welded, tight sealed that reduce noise - providing user comfort.
    Our Windows are sealed with the masonry wall with silicon leaving no gaps between the frame and the sash preventing noise, dust and pollution.
    By using Duroplast Double Glazed Windows, we can further improve the sound and thermal insulation quality which again helps in saving energy.

  • weather resistance

    Weather Proof

    With more than 25 years of experience in PVC Profiles extrusion, we have developed special formulation for tropical Indian climate for our uPVC Windows with special additives which ensures long durability to our windows.
    Our special additives are impact modifier for strength, titanium dioxide for ultra violet rays and heat stabilizers to retain the profile shapes properly at high temperatures.

  • water proof

    Monsoon Proof

    Duroplast uPVC profiles are made up of polymers which practically do not absorb water. Moreover, our profiles are uniquely designed with water drainage and gradient slope which ensures that rain water flows outwards .

  • eco friendly

    Eco Friendly

    uPVC windows & doors are eco-friendly. uPVC is an excellent material for recycling as they can be fully recycled. Being a replacement for wood and energy intensive material, it saves forests and environment.

  • maintenance

    Maintenance Free

    uDuroplast uPVC windows are extremely easy to maintain since easy cleaning can be done from inside using soapy water.
    It does not require painting or other maintenance.

  • no rusting

    Rust & Termite Proof

    Duroplast uPVC windows & door profiles are free from rotting, rusting and corroding unlike conventional aluminium and wooden windows.

  • tough and durable

    Tough and Durable

    Plastic profiles have special additives High strength, dimensional stability and weather stability to make the material both tough and durable. It does not fade or get discoloured & therefore an excellent investment for your home.

  • Customized  Windows and Doors

    Customized Windows and Doors

    Duroplast uPVC Windows & Doors are made as per customer’s requirement. Our windows and doors can be made in various designs. These include Casement Window, Sliding Window, Combination Window, Tilt & Turn Window, Bay Window, French Door, Balcony Door, etc.

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